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Battles continue as Alliance forces take over more tribes

The Enlightenment Protocols Book 4 - Redemption

Tales of the tribes of the Central Metropolitan

Regions as told to the Sol-Earther

Don C. Ciers by Commoners of Draaken.

Authorized for release by G.W. Morgan,

Commodore, Commonwealth Combined Fleet


Copyright © 2012 

Pages: 303

The ongoing saga of the battles between the god-fearing Commonwealth of Stellar States and the Alliance of Stellar Republics faithful to Pygan continues in Book 4 of this series.

The Alliance had forcefully taken over the Aipian and Paileni tribes but the inhabitants were not prepared to accept either their rule or to bow down to their god. Commonwealth Recondo teams infiltrated the Questri-Shontor binary region to learn not only about this resistance movement but also if they needed help from them. The Recondos found out that major cities had been destroyed and the people were losing hope.

With first class weapons, equipment and communications systems on both sides, their clash begins in the Cerberus Gap. In the early stages of this battle, both Commonwealth and Alliance forces quickly used up the majority of their firepower. Alliance fighters, under orders from Mistress Indira-Vin, eagerly awaited backup and as they waited, they suffered severe losses of both equipment and manpower.

Aboard one of the Alliance’s Tantorian destroyers, Tribune Flavius and his officers saw the damage first hand with “so many others electrocuted in front of them (as they sat at their consoles); some of their bodies had yet to be removed from the ante-room next to the deck elevator; the ventilators struggled to turn over the atmosphere on the command deck. The smell of burnt wiring and insulation mixed odors with burnt flesh and loosed bowels, urine and sweat. Surviving primary system operators were afraid to touch their consoles.”

At the same time, the Commonwealth's Praetor issued orders to continue the assault, which even some commoners found shockingly "hard-hearted." Both sides suffered casualties as they maneuvered to avoid swirling dust, asteroid fragments, vapor clouds that obscured vision and ‘mined zones’ that screened the enemy's “bombardment fire pockets.”

The Commonwealth's bombardment capability soon fell to around 30 percent. Then all pilots, navigators and gunners heard “the bugle notes of the centuries old Sandoran cavalry charge” known to all “sports fans and cinema buffs” on the Commonwealth worlds. Instantly, they renewed their bombardment of medium range missiles on the Alliance ships. When Alliance reinforcements finally arrived, they returned fire with their deadly Darts and Mighty Arrow missiles.

As this interstellar war continued, “Search and Rescue squads” scrambled to recover “pilots ejecting from disintegrating fighters and bomber craft in illuminated protective (metallic) cocoons.” These “Angels of Deliverance” picked up pilots from both sides. As one fighter put it, “nobody deserves to be left out” in the void of space to die. Captured enemy pilots were “grateful to be brought safely aboard anyone's craft.” However, they knew that becoming a Commonwealth prisoner brought a much better fate than falling into the hands of the Alliance.

This battle also takes to the ground on Aipian-Contagor'e with continued action and more horrible deaths as both sides attempt to maintain superiority.

In prior books of this series, there were many problems with spelling, capitalization, sentence structure and more. This fourth effort overall is much cleaner with only sentence structure continuing to be an issue. The author has proved to be more than willing to learn and to correct these items so further continued progress should be seen as the series continues.

The author continues to exhibit expansive knowledge of ships, weaponry and military tactics throughout. The only other comment that should be made is that given the fact that this series involves a multitude of tribes on various planets, one would think that they could not all be humans. However, there is no hint as to the specific species of these tribes, physically or otherwise.

To obtain a digital copy of The Enlightenment Protocols Book 4 - Redemption, go HERE.

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