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Orion Project takes readers down the proverbial rabbit hole

The Orion Project – Real? Or Imaginary?
By Eva Draconis, Publisher
© Copyright 2013
Pages: 621

I have read many strange books in my life but this one tops my list. Let me first say that I don’t place much credence in channelers but for the sake of this author, I am prepared to suspend my beliefs.

Why? Because Eva Draconis (not her real name for reasons that will become obvious) is an otherwise normal and sane person. Is it her fault that various aliens decided to make contact with her? These alien species include dinosaurs and reptilians that love to be honored and made to feel they are all powerful.

On her site called the Orion Mind Project  the author notes, “I lived with fear of ETs in my childhood but it wasn’t until I was 13 and 14 that active and open contact with my Greys began.”

The author believes the aliens may be drawn to her due to her own psychic ability, which she says is “beyond human comprehension.”

Although she had face-to-face contact in her bedroom, she could not recall what happened aboard any alien craft. However, she does remember seeing spaceships and being taught telepathy. As far as the reptilians are concerned, she notes on her site that they have a “strong affinity to power, hierarchy, and dominance, and they frequently demand to be honored and referred to as kings.”

Aside from these aliens, there were other species as well as members of the U.S. military. These are what have been called MILABs (military abductions) that have been reported by many other abductees.

“I was also 14 when the military abduction phenomenon began,” noted adding that they also communicated telepathically.

“The US military borrows reptilian technologies which enable them to bring a human away from their bedroom and into the military quarters. It seems to be some inter-dimensional travel, intertwined with the sleep state somehow involving the removal of a version of the abductee's body,” rather than taking someone physically.

“These military and men in black are often seen together with aliens during abductions and are seen to collaborate,” she noted.

The Orion Project is a diary of telepathic conversations taken notes she kept of their visits. The author claims that she not only hears the alien’s voices but also sees them as well. What is especially interesting is that beginning when she was a young teen, these aliens and military men abducted her on numerous occasions and often physically hurt her with their experiments. There were also many rapes that messed with her mind and psyche.

No doubt, these are things she could never forget and her communications with them now are aimed at finding out why they did those horrible things to her. The return of all of these abductors also gave the author an opportunity to learn whether her previous experiences were in fact real or simply figments of her own imagination.

“In August 2011, I was contacted by a man from Orion. Soon after, a Dinosaur. Then the Red Reptilian and Black Reptilian and others followed. The Orion Project was to document the experience and to find out if the contact was Real? Or Imaginary?”

She also communicates with a Thuban praying mantis, hybrids, Pleiadians, Arcturians, Greys, Ummites, an airship admiral and the legendary North Port Devil. She becomes particularly enamored with a red dragon named Hamish, who she says guards her eggs from being taken by other aliens.. On an update on her site, she claims this alien now lives with her.

In the book she often flatters the frequently rude and dominant reptiles with such phrases as, “You’re so handsome” and “You have all the power here.” All of this while these aliens said they eat humans (perhaps her as well) and plan to take over our world.

The black reptiles are the nastiest and they as well as some others have strong sexual appetites. Since I requested the ‘restricted’ version of the book, she relates having a kind of ‘virtual sex’ with a number of them. At first it is difficult to understand why she did this but it becomes clear that she has so many questions that need answers for her own sanity’s sake.

By communicating, she also learns about their new “Draconian Agenda” and why they still seem so interested in her. Unlike other humans, she is told that she has 12 strands of DNA, something that is vitally important to them because they take her eggs to create hybrids (half human/half alien). The aliens are also conducting experiments with her DNA.

“The Agenda is a vast network or organization consisting of a variety of alien races that work together toward common goals. Most of its members are forced into participation, and others are mind controlled and cannot find a way out. The Agenda seeks to take control and power over the universe.”

As to her DNA, she notes: “There are reasons that suggest that I may contain some alien DNA, which is why I am a suitable earth-based participant in the hybrid programs… It seems a person is born and designed into these hybrid programs, rather than (being) picked randomly as one among many humans on earth.”

She also learned that the alien version of god is called “The Eye,” that issues orders to everyone.

“This Eye is an extraterrestrial god. It is the ruler of Malik and the Black Ones, and successively the ruler over the aliens under the Agenda who are responsible for alien abductions and hybrid programs.”

Is this the same ‘eye’ found on American bills? She was also told that the Agenda rules over some earthly organizations such as the Freemasons. The Illuminati are also involved somehow.

Today, the author states, “I would not give up my alien involvement for anything that this world can offer.” However in an update on November 7, 2013 she states: “I've pretty much decided that I don't want the aliens messing with my life anymore. It's not like they let me stay awake for abductions or treat me as an equal or give me a grand tour of the labs to meet everybody. It's not like they would ever do that. So I'm done with being an egg machine.”

She added that this association with aliens has drastically affected her sex life as well.

“You know I love Hamish and am faithful to him as a friend, but please come on, give me a sex life and a normal relationship with a human lover! All the hurt the aliens have put me through, I can no longer try to belong to them or be there for them somehow. It's been too much, too much hurt… I just want a life now.”

Toward the end of this large book, the author is still not sure what to think of all this.

“It is not enough to be personally convinced; I have to have a way to know that my experiences could convince others. Only then can I find peace.”

I must admit that I struggled in my attempt to believe this story, which the author presents as fact. Other readers will have to make up their own minds as to the validity of these other worldly contacts. As the saying goes: “The truth is often stranger than fiction.”

It must be noted that this book shows a degree of naivety with regard to writing style. It seems the author simply copied her diary entries rather than concentrating on the elements of captivating writing. There are also some spelling, punctuation and tense errors in this work but not enough to distract the reader.

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