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Canadian author debuts with outstanding ghost story

Woo Woo - the posthumous love story of Miss Emily Carr
By Veronica Knox
© 2012, Silent Publishing
ISBN: 978-0-9877415-1-6
Pages: 294

Everyone knows that I love a good ghost story, real or imagined. However, Woo Woo delivered much more than that. Author Veronica Knox is an exceptionally talented writer who has a way with words to die for. This woman’s work stands high above that of most modern-day writers. She has a magical fluency with words that is simply mind-boggling.

That said, the story itself offers the reader a trip down the rabbit hole as far as the paranormal goes. Displaying a firm grasp on the life of Canadian author and artist, Emily Carr (1871-1945), the author takes us into a staid world in which Carr sacrificed love to follow her dreams.

In her writings, Carr often referred to a man named Martyn who love her dearly and she loved him, but she rejected him to avoid the stifling lifestyle of an 18th century wife and mother just to please a prudish society.

“It was too soon for me to fall,” the author writes on Carr’s behalf. “Love faltered. I blame the timing but it was my red shoes twitching to be away and I had the ‘pioneer me’ to follow.”

In Woo Woo, Carr returns in spirit hoping to achieve what she could not do in life – give herself in love and marriage to her beloved. To that end, she coaxes and even threatens Alba Watson (better known as Scottie), also a writer and artist, to do her bidding beyond death’s door. As Watson does her best to help this forlorn soul, she attempts to cope with her own struggling relationship vs. her desires that reflect those of Carr.

This is a story that will trap you between worlds and captivate you to the final page. And if you’re wondering what Woo Woo means, you’re in for a real treat. Although it describes the nature of this work, it is also the name of a playful monkey, whose role in this afterlife tale turns out to be of paramount importance.

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