Thursday, May 30, 2013

Squinting Over Water offers Vignettes on Life

By Mary Kennedy Eastham
© 2012
Robertson Publishing
ISBN: 978-1-61170-093-0

Author Mary Kennedy Eastham begins her book with a back-story about losing some of her writing due to a computer glitch. She could not simply forget them and move on. Then one day a woman handed her a fortune cookie saying that if she wished upon a star, she’d receive everything she wanted. The following day, her puppy was playing with a tennis ball that rolled into a closet. Much to her surprise and delight, in that closet she found those missing stories among a pile of Christmas ornaments.

I tell this for one very good reason. Just like those lost stories, Eastman offers up a series of vignettes that each contain a hidden jewel – a message that may have become lost on you – a message that runs deep within, without her actually saying it – that you can use to change your own life for the better.

For instance, in the chapter entitled Cat’s Eyes, a son grapples with feelings of intense loss, his mother having left his father just months after his birth. Now preparing for her fifth marriage, the son arrives with a deep-set resentment against a mother who seemed more concerned with savoring every moment of life rather than being a dotting mother. However, he soon learns how swiftly life can end, leaving only the Cats Eyes that he played with as a child, as the only reminder of what is truly important.

Each story gives us a peek into someone else’s life – just for a moment in time – each including a profound message but don’t worry. This is not a collection of ‘poor me’ tales. Eastham’s quick wit eases the tension and reminds us that laughter is also vital in our lives.

When you read Squinting Over Water, take your time to let each message sink into your soul. Only then will you realize the true value of Eastham’s thought provoking work. A number of her stories have won literary awards.

Squinting Over Water is available at various on-line bookstores, including HERE in paperback and Kindle format.

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