Friday, April 26, 2013

Book Review – Pia Sabel #1 - The Geneva Decision

           The Action never stops in The Geneva Decision

By Seeley James
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ISBN#: 978-0-9886996-0-1

The Geneva Decision is a fast-paced action thriller that will keep you rapt with attention from beginning to end.

Author Seeley James of Scottsdale, Arizona begins his tale in Geneva, Switzerland where his primary character, Pia Sabel surprises guests at a Banque Marot reception. After witnessing an assassin blow the head off banker Clément Marot, a gown-clad Pia burst into action in her high heels by single-handedly tackling the man.

“The assassin crashed face first onto the concrete pathway. She jumped into the air above him, her gown billowing around her like an unfurling parachute and came down hard. Her knees drove into his back on either side of his spine, halfway between the ribs and the hipbone. The impact forced the air from his lungs and pounded his kidneys.”

Pia took it upon herself to bring down this assassin, as she had just become head of her father’s firm, Sabel Security. However, the clever killer managed to escape police custody and immediately sought revenge. Pia became his primary target.

Although her father wanted her to stick to a desk job, the spunky Pia, who had become a well-known and wealthy soccer star, could not contain herself when several other bankers met the same fate. She followed her instincts and the assassin from the Swiss Alps to the jungles of Cameroon in hopes of finishing him off once and for all.

Despite beginning her new career green as the grass, Pia was determined to garner the admiration of the agents under her, who had years of experience behind them. Her initial goal was to track down the killer but in the process, discovered a massive web of treachery and deceit.

If you love a good mystery with plenty of action, The Geneva Decision will not let you down. The author displays a unique talent for keeping the story moving at a lightning fast pace right to the final page.

Seeley James has authored a series of thriller short stories and novels featuring Pia Sable. His previous efforts include The Battered Suitcase and Short Thrills. James was finalist for the DeMarini Award in fiction, and was short-listed for the Fish Publishing Award and Debut Dagger Award.

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