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Colorado Mandala a Rich Tale of Love, Compassion & Revenge

By Brian Francis HeffronCopyright 1/1/13Available at Amazon.com February 15, 2013

In the preface of this book, author Brian Francis Heffron begins with a tale of how as a young man, he hitch hiked across North America to see its many sights. Traveling free across the country and telling drivers anything that made the ride more exciting.

“Each new ride and new car was a new audience and got a new fable about who I was and where I was going," he writes

The story he relates from there, however, focuses more on love – something that is also free and needs to be shared with everyone.

“Both the plot and the people lived once in a time of tenderness, rebellious music and long hair that was quite different from our times now,” he notes.

And it certainly is a tender story that involves both brotherly love and true devotion from an exceptional woman – a woman he affectionately refers to as the girl with the Colorado Mandala.

“Her soft sandy hair was now up, coiled carefully into a complex circular bun, spinning slowly back inwards like a mandala.”

But with love comes other human emotions including jealousy, anger, mistrust and even revenge. The author weaves these human frailties into an interesting story that also offers adventure, lust, danger and ultimately true joy.

The story takes place in a rugged but beautiful small town in Colorado and the author’s descriptions are spellbinding. Through the voice of character, Paul, one learns of the longstanding friendship between him and a Vietnam War vet named Michael, who has his own demons with which he deals.

Paul, on the other hand, is a laid back sort of guy but when he sees Michael’s relationship with Sarah unraveling, he is caught between his dedication to his friend and the love that grows for Sarah. The author presents colorful descriptions of these characters as well and it’s difficult not to feel for each of them.

If you enjoy a good brawl, a frightening adventure or a passionate love scene, you will get all of these and more in this book. It is surely one you won’t want to put down until you reach the final page.

Colorado Mandala by Brian Francis Heffron will be available on Amazon.com as of February 15, 2013.

“We are also doing a 20-stop national bookstore "Author Appearance" tour starting in San Francisco and including, Boston, N.Y.C., Chicago, L.A., Buffalo, Colorado Springs, etc,” Brian said.

Brian is also an established poet with a published Spoken Word Poetry CD. As well, he is a filmmaker and art collector. As a filmmaker, he has established an award-winning career in motion pictures and PBS television production. As such, he has become a much sought after reader and public speaker. To learn more, go HERE.

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