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A Native girl’s adventures hold vital message for modern society

PLATEAU - Beyond the Trees, Beyond 2012
By Tina Frisco
Ebook ©2012
ISBN 9781770976030
Pages 69

Tina Frisco is an author who packs a book-sized message into a relatively small ebook. That message: throw away your doomsday visions and embrace the joy of life instead.

Through the eyes of a Native society that one might instinctively consider uncivilized, the wisdom of its elders – long lost to city folk – comes shining through. We read about one of the E’Ghali’s youngest members – a girl named W’Hyani. We follow her as she embarks on great adventures, stares fear in the face, and enjoys the simplicity of life and beauty of nature. Most of all, she learns about love and embraces the age-old wisdom of her tribe.

The author presents an interesting story peppered with quotes from Lynn V. Andrews’ The Power Deck. Each card in the deck focuses on the specific message she wishes to impart and provide inspiration that backs up the story line.

The message imparted is an important one especially now in the 20th century when people scurry like frantic animals trying to make a living and providing for their families. We no longer have the luxury of languid hours spent simply enjoying nature and connecting with our true selves.

The author reminds us that it is vital for us to steal those precious moments to look inward – to realize how we treat others, as well as Mother Earth. Only by extinguishing all thoughts of greed, hate and envy, as well as any desires to cause harm to others or nature can we once again return to the ideals imparted by our ancestors. By becoming enlightened with love and gratitude for life, the human race will be able to acknowledge from whence it came and where it should be going.

Plateau – Beyond the Trees, although quite short, gives the reader much to ruminate on and is best consumed in small doses at a time. The only faults one could find with this work are perhaps an over-abundance of adjectives that tend to make reading somewhat cumbersome. It also takes some time to get used to the characters’ names and positions within the tribe. Some flipping back to an index is definitely required.

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