Friday, August 19, 2011

House of Darkness – House of Light

The True Story, Volume 1

By Andrea Perron
Published by Author House
Copyright 2011
ISBN: 978-1-4567-4761-9

Having lived in a few haunted locations, it is not much of a stretch to imagine a house brimming with spirits – more particularly a colonial farmhouse built in 1736.

Roger and Carolyn Perron, along with their five young daughters thought they discovered their own Garden of Eden when they moved from the Cumberland, Rhode Island suburbs to a remote and natural area in Harrisville. They were excited to live in a fascinating old farmhouse with plenty of room for everyone.

The oldest child, Andrea Perron is the author of this book, which relates the family’s entirely unexpected and truly frightening experiences in a house with a long history of agony and death. Two former residents hung themselves - one from the rafters of the old barn. The final fate of many others is unknown but their continued presence eventually becomes obvious.

Andrea relates how the massive property provides an unbounded playground for the children within the woods and crystal clear ambling streams. However, what begins as a paradise for the Perron family quickly transforms into a house of horrors as specters of formerly living souls roam the old house causing havoc.

There are benign acts, such as a ghost that smells of flowers and fruit kissing the children goodnight in their beds, and a phantom youngster playing with unattended toys. Items move about, including chairs pulled from beneath innocent and unsuspecting mortals, and a female ghost who constantly picks up a broom to sweep the kitchen floor - benign but frightening, nonetheless. Doors slam shut, whispers are heard, shadows are seen and something has a habit of slamming into the front door in the middle of the night shaking everyone from their beds.

When the malevolent spirit of the former mistress of the house begins to assert her control over Carolyn the constant barrage of paranormal activity from the other side becomes too much to bear. This repugnant spirit seems bent and determined on frightening Carolyn to her very core, approaching her in the night – her face misshapen, neck broken and horrible to behold - along with a gut wrenching stench in the air and threats of impending doom – primarily that she and her family would succumb to a vicious and unrelenting fiery death.

Carolyn is left in a perpetual state of fear and shock as to how she could possibly protect her brood from the wiles of a nasty ghost over which she has absolutely no control.

This is truly a book to be read with the lights on. Add to that Andrea Perron’s wonderfully expressive writing and you will find yourself turning one page after another while she takes you through time in a profound and thought provoking way.

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