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The Secret School - Preparation For Contact

By Whitley Strieber
Published by Harper Collins Publishers
Harper Paperbacks
Copyright 1997
ISBN: 0-06-109618-0
Pages: 268

Whitley Strieber is well known in UFO circles as the man who reported an alien abduction from his upstate New York cabin in December, 1985 in his book Communion (1987).

In The Secret School – Preparation For Contact, he attempts to explain some unusual events that occurred when he was 9 years old. It is an odd tale of a youngster that takes off on his bicycle at night to attend a secret school in the Olmos basin in the woods of San Antonio, Texas near his home. He says that author and reporter, Ed Conroy confirmed his claim by finding others in the area, who also went to the basin in the middle of the night.

Overall, this book seems to be a mixture of odd memories and possibly even stranger facts about a school where he and other children were taught different lessons by what he perceived as the Sisters of Mercy. Those lessons involved such viewing the universe through a neighbor’s telescope, in the woods with other children wearing some type of helmet to see a comet striking Earth in ancient times and traveling in time.

“Many witnesses besides myself have written me about helmets being put on their heads,” he writes. “Often, the helmets leave painful marks on their temples, usually triangular in shape. If you wanted to project images into a human brain, the temples, close to the temporal lobes, would be the place to do it.”

He adds that this type of technology was not even known back in 1954.

Strieber also relates how he ran into himself one day as an older man.

“I would swear that this happened, on pain of death,” he writes.

Despite the author’s seeming confirmations of events that occurred when he was a young boy, one is left with the impression that much of what he relates might be the remnants of dreams mixed with a youngsters imagination. However, The Secret School is still a most intriguing book that will capture your imagination as well.

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