Saturday, July 9, 2011

Book Review: Prayer Never Fails - Especially During Trials

By Berney K. Dorton
Published by Wasteland Press
Copyright 2011
ISBN: 978-1-60047-534-4
Pages: 170

When Berney Dorton first contacted me, I assumed I was communicating with a male. However, when I received the book in the mail, it was clear that the author was a woman – and a dedicated, God-fearing one at that!

In her book, Dorton clarifies what it means to pray with fervor, and purity of body and spirit, so what you ask of God will be heard. But she makes it clear that being heard does not mean you always get what you want.

“If God answered every petition favorably, would we exclusively serve God?” she writes. “Absolutely not!”

She added that people tend to become ungrateful when they get everything they want.

“It’s impractical to think that God owes us anything; He blesses us because of His abundant mercy and grace.”

Dorton also expounds on the importance of Christians being ‘prayer warriors,” to help others. Using an example from her own life, she noted how she was asked as a nurse to pray for a man who was ill.

“My patient was sincere in his request but at that very moment, I hesitated to respond.”

She had backslid, forgotten to pray and doubted if God would even hear her prayer. She then got back on track and intercedes in prayer for others.

“To prevail in intercessory prayer, one must not be fearful but rather fearless,” she writes. “You must have a personal relationship with God and a heart for people’s problems and well-being.”

The author also impresses upon the reader the importance of praying both in good times and in bad. Relating her own struggles due to personal losses in her life and caring for a sick child, she notes that prayer and praise must not be set aside. During difficult times, they become even more important to help you survive the unanticipated trials of life.

Prayer Never Fails - Especially During Trials is not only an uplifting book but one that will teach you how to pray effectively, what to expect and why – a must-have for anyone who wishes to draw nearer to God.

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