Monday, January 9, 2012

Murder on the Naval Base offers Chilling Tale of Jealousy & Revenge

By Behcet Kaya
Published by Book Baby
Copyright @ 2011

This novel is the second work of fiction by Behcet Kaya that I have had the pleasure of reviewing and it is easy to see that this author has improved greatly, both in character development, plot, word usage and overall writing skills.

In Murder on the Naval Base, he offers up an intriguing tale of jealousy and revenge. The story follows the life and career of Lieutenant Anderson Garrett Belguzar, who learns that his wife of only a few years is having an affair with his best friend and a fellow officer.

"The heavy double doors of the Murat Officers' Club flew open... A solitary khaki-clad figure wearing tan combat boots, dark sunglasses, and a cap slung low over the face entered the lobby with a Beretta clutched in one hand."

By the time it's all over, "The dead officer lay on his right side with both hands balled up into tight fists. His eyes were wide open and took on the appearance of terror, as if he had been aware of his own death. The woman's body tilted to the side, as if suspended in mid-air. Her French-manicured fingernails were bloodied, and even more red liquid ran down her legs, pooling below her chair."

Kaya takes the reader along as he is arrested, charged and faces a jury for the execution-style murder of both of them in military court. As the defense and prosecution each present their cases, it seems that Belguzar is headed to jail for a very long time.

This wonderfully written work also offers insights into military life and the fast-paced world of Navy pilots of F-18 Hornets. It also includes some hot and steamy sexual liaisons, making this work a captivating read.

But did Belguzar really commit the heinous act of murdering his wife and best friend? Well, you'll have to read this murder mystery to find out.

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Sandra McLeod Humphrey said...

What a great excuse to use my Kindle! I just finished reading my first book on my Kindle and I'm ready to find another mystery to read. Murder on the Naval Base sounds like a good choice. Love your blog and I'll be back!