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Book Review – Maestro

Unveiling Karma and Reincarnation

By Rachel Madorsky
Published by Avanty House
Copyright 2011
ISBN: 978-0-9705-349-6-5

“Time is the symphony, reincarnation is the

instrument and we are the composers.”

Rachel Madorsky’s latest book rests on the premise that everything we experience in life is the result of karma – our own and that of our ancestors. In other words, if your great, great grandfather was a violent man who deliberately set out to hurt people, you could be paying for it.

“Everything that happens to us is a direct result of the actions of our ancestors,” she writes.

As a long-time researcher on the subjects of karma and reincarnation, this is a new theory that I have not encountered before. I was aware of the concept of paying for one’s own karma due to one’s thoughts, words and actions, but not that of others in our particular soul group. A soul group means souls who reincarnate together again and again over many lifetimes. These souls interact with each other while learning their lessons from each particular life.

Madorsky notes a question asked of Jesus about why a person might be blind from birth. In John 9:1-3 He says, “Who did sin. This man or his parents?”

She also backs up her belief in reincarnation by citing specific examples from such religious texts as the Bible, Kabbalah, Koran and Dead Sea Scrolls. She also notes that our karma is recorded in the Akashic Records or a universal archive or library of sorts where all of our deeds – good and bad – are listed.

Even though karma is a “law of nature,” Madorsky says we don’t necessarily have to suffer because of it. Since the universe and everything in it is constantly in motion, she says karma is subject to change but only if we exercise our free will to change it. And we should, she says, because it can have a detrimental affect on our health.

We do not realize that we have “the inborn desire and power to prevent the karma that will come our way,” she says. “It is through our power of choice.”

If we so choose, we can redirect this karma, says Madorsky, by utilizing both physical and spiritual forces. In Maestro, she relates a few experiences she had with clients to help them do this. In her work as a psychic healer, she found that karma could cause specific illnesses.

She claims to access a person’s Akashic Records to find the reason for specific illnesses due to thoughts, words and/or actions in the past that have created harmful karma. The theory is that certain individuals, such as psychics and mediums can find and read the Akashic Records in a subconscious state.

Madorsky then utilizes this information to ‘draw out’ the illnesses within a person’s body with help from the Creator. She does this in such unconventional ways as visualizing what she calls “Quasiworldä” energies and in some cases, entities. Quasiworldä energy is then directed toward the ailing area in order to heal it.

“From the metaphysical point of view, just like the physical world, the Quasiworldä consists of two opposite forces, without which the universe can’t develop. These are positive and negative forces of the same size and influence,” she explains.

Although I do not fully comprehend her methods as a mode of healing, her clients seemed to be most happy with the positive changes to their health. The author also offers some tips on how we can alter our karma through such things as meditation and dreams, which are well worth the read.

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