Thursday, April 7, 2011

E-Book Review – Fast Forward: Into The Future

By Kelvin O’Ralph Copyright February 25, 2011 Published on Smashwords 91 Pages This intriguing science fiction tale focuses on the possibility of time travel and how such a thing could impact a person’s life.
If you traveled forward in time and liked what you saw would you take steps in the present to ensure that outcome? What if your future was not so desirable? Would you do everything in your power to change it?
Teenaged student, Lucas Taylor, unexpectedly slips out of the present and into the future in the middle of one of his classes. Lucas, who has a passion for writing, learns that he will become a famous author with enough money to buy anything he wants. He also finds out that he will someday marry Carla, the girl of his dreams.
Sounds pretty good, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, even the best of lives are not perfect and Lucas comes to realize that his future might not be right for him. But more fortunately, he also learns along the way that the future is not set in stone. Although he is delighted at the prospect of becoming a wealthy author, his primary struggle stems from the women in his personal life. Should he choose a future with his first love or hope for one with a new woman in his life for whom he cares deeply?
This fascinating story with its futuristic bent will take you along for the ride as Lucas travels to both the future and the past in order to make his final decision. To read this e-book, go HERE.

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