Thursday, December 9, 2010

Book Review - True Canadian Ghost Stories

By John Robert Colombo
© Copyright 2003
Key Porter Books Limited
ISBN# 1-55267-414-2
Pages: 292

Having already read
The Big Book of Canadian Ghost Stories (Dundurn Press, 2008) by this author, I knew that this one would be a fascinating read. In this somewhat older work, Colombo presents stories from old newspaper clippings about ghosts and hauntings, as well as more recent tales from across Canada.

One that is particularly interesting is took place in the basement apartment of an old house at 56 Huron Street in Toronto. Two college students had rented the apartment: Flavio Bellis, who was an art student at the time and now curator of the Joseph D. Carrier Art Gallery and John, a photography student at Ryerson College.

Bellis noted that the minute they moved in, they heard “odd noises.” At first they believed it was just the settling sounds of an old house but other incidents made them wonder if they were dealing with something more. There were knocks on their door but no one was there and the thermostat, which was taped to the off position during the summer, would be found on high sending hot air blasting from the furnace.

One night while entertaining friends, a watermelon placed on a table began “to eject its seeds, wildly shooting them into the air! Seeds were zipping across the room and landing everywhere!”

Finally, one of the guests asked whatever was causing this to stop and it did.

The two students had some other startling experiences as well, including a tremendous boom that shook the house but they could find no reason for it, a glowing globe of light that Bellis saw one night and a small tile flying off and window sill across the room. They never could find out who or what was haunting the apartment but they would certainly never forget it.

For many more chilling tales of the paranormal, you can pick up a copy of True Canadian Ghost Stories by John Robert Colombo

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