Sunday, June 12, 2011

Book Review: 90 Minutes in Heaven

A True Story of Death and Life

By Don Piper with Cecil Murphey
New York Times Best Seller
Published by Revell, a
Division of Baker Publishing Group
Copyright 2004
ISBN# 978-0-8007-5949-0

Back in 1998, I had a near death experience in Hamilton, Ontario in which I faced the power and glory of God and talked at length with Jesus. I spent – as I recently learned from my daughter – five days in a coma (for some reason, I previously thought it was only three) and I believe that every moment of those precious days was spent in heaven.

In 90 Minutes in Heaven, author Don Piper relates an accident that sent him to heaven for an hour and a half. A Baptist minister, he recalls an accident he had while driving his red 1986 Ford Escort. He had just left a Baptist General Convention in Texas in 1989.

Driving in a steady rain at about 50 miles per hour on a two-lane highway out of Trinity Pines and across to Lake Livingston, he reaches a bridge over the Trinity River. That’s when an 18-wheeler “driven by an inmate from the Texas Department of Corrections” crosses the road’s center line and slams head-long into his car.

Piper then shares his time in heaven during which he met a throng of people just outside of heaven’s gates that he says he “intuitively knew were my celestial welcoming committee.” He recognizes his grandfather with whom he had a joyful reunion, a childhood friend and others. He also describes what it is like there and how our senses seem to be intensified.

If course following the nearly fatal accident, Piper suffers many months of excruciating pain and during that time, seriously wonders why God sent him back to this Earthly life. He grows more and more depressed until he eventually realizes that God sent him back with a mission to fulfill.

This book, like most others I have read about near death experiences, offers not only a glimpse of life after death but also great hope and faith that there is indeed, “life after death” for those who believe in God. As a believer and having had such an experience, I do not have to be convinced that the soul survives death.

Like Piper, I am no longer afraid to die. We also share a burning desire to return to the joy of heaven but of course, not until God calls us home.

I would recommend this book to anyone who wants to strengthen their faith in God and learn more about the reality of life after death.

To learn more about 90 Minutes in Heaven, go
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