Friday, September 3, 2010

Secrets of the Light reveals Levels of Heaven

When I had a near death experience near Hamilton, Ontario in 1998, I underwent a past life review. According to Dannion Brinkley, who wrote Secrets of the Light – Lessons From Heaven (Harper One 2008), he experienced a past life review as well - in fact, he had three of them!.

Brinkley actually traveled to the great beyond three times - once when he was struck by lightening while talking on the phone in 1975, a second time from and near-fatal infection and a third during brain surgery in 1997 – and each time, he underwent a life review that showed his spiritual progress along the way.

However, the most revealing aspect of his heavenly encounters with what he calls 13 Beings of light was that there are actually varying levels of heaven. Brinkley struggled for some time as whether he should reveal this information fearing it might frighten rather than inspire people.

In the book, he recalls looking downward where he saw a “blue-gray place” where lost souls wandered aimlessly – a kind of purgatory for souls who lost their desire for life and/or could not forgive what had been done to them during their lifetime.

Brinkley learned that life is a precious gift and forgiveness – no matter the crime – is vital to accomplish before we die. Otherwise, we will be among the lost in the hereafter.

Secrets of the Light offers a wealth of information on the power of love, choice, belief and prayers as well. He then goes on to relate the seven lesions he learned during his time in heaven. Perhaps the most revealing is that the Beings of light told him: “we are great, powerful, and mighty spiritual beings,” but we do not realize our true value here on Earth.

The first lesson focuses on our ability to show love and compassion, and to offer kindness to others. As human beings, we must strive to make our world a better place.

“As I stated earlier, during my first near-death experience, I was shown that one of the fundamental lessons every soul in human form must learn is how to use our uniqueness to assist in unfolding perfection on the earthly planes,” he notes.

To learn more about the Secrets of the Light, you can pick up a copy of this book HERE.

Brinkley is a hospice worker and chairman of the board for Compassion in Action and the Twilight Brigade. To learn more, please visit his web site HERE.

He is also the author of:

Saved By The Light: The True Story of a Man Who Died Twice and the Profound Revelations He Received

At Peace in the Light: The Further Adventures of a Reluctant Psychic Who Reveals the Secret of Your Spiritual Powers

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