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Pleidian Perspectives offers interesting Human History

Pleiadian Perspectives on Human Evolution
By Amorah Quan Yin
© Copyright 1996
Published by: Bear & Company Publishing
ISBN: 1-879181-33-9

In this intriguing work, Quan Yin presents the evolutionary histories of Venus, Mars, Maldeck (now the astroiid belt between Mars and Jupiter), and Earth. The author claims throughout our many lifetimes, we lived on some or all of these planets.

Barbara Hand Cow (
The Pleiadian Agenda: A New Cosmology for the Age of Light presents the forward. She introduces this book and notes that both she and Quan Yin are emmissaries and former Pleiadians who have returned at this time to guide others to the light consciousness. But what does this mean?

According to Quan Yin, the experiences we all had previously as inhabitants of Venus, Mars and Maldeck have imprinted upon our spirits our present habits, fears, beliefs and more. Our own human evolution that involved not only daily life's joys and sorrows, but also cataclysmic disasters and of course death has left us feeling frightened, vulnerable and powerless in our current physical existence against any outside influences. These can include anything from the church's doctrines, to politics and Mother Nature. We fear most what the future might hold for us.

The truth, Quan Yin says, is that we feel the illusions of separation and duality (right from wrong, male and female, black and white, etc.). The author writes of the "Spirit of All That Is" of which we are each an integral part. Through our spiritial evolution over many, many lifetimes, we come closer to and ultimately reunite with the "Spirit of All That Is" and our higher selves.

How much of what is written by Quan Yin is actual truth is impossible to determine and or verify by the usual methods.(Quan Yin claims all of the information was channeled through her by the god, Ra - a Pleiadian archangel of the light.)It will likely leave you with more questions than answers. Nevertheless, this book is certainly an interesting read.

Take it with a grain of salt and remember that with so many people channeling who knows what today, it is ultimately necessary to be discerning as to what you believe.

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