Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Review - Since You've Been Gone

By Carlene Thompson
Published by St. Martin’s Press
© Copyright 2001
ISBN: 0-7394-1924-2
Pages: 344

This fiction tales revolves around a woman named Rebecca Ryan, who was born with her grandmother’s psychic ability. As a teenager, she became notorious in her small hometown of Sinclair, West Virginia when she was unable to help police rescue her kidnapped baby brother.
Rebecca, who then lived and worked to New Orleans, returned home when she learned that her Aunt Esther had cancer. Little did she know that she’d relive the horror of her past when her best friend’s son was kidnapped. She then races against time to find a way to bring her abilities back to life in hopes of saving the youngster.
Author Carlene Thompson has developed a full and intriguing story that offers the readers a number of possible suspects before the true villain is exposed. Her haunting and terrifying visions are also presented well throughout the book. The characters are also well developed and the reader will find him or herself rooting for some, while despising others.
All in all, Since You’ve Been Gone is a gripping tale that just might keep you up at night – reading that is! To get a copy of this book go

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