Monday, August 17, 2009

Book Review: The Jesus Chronicles

John’s Story – The Last Eyewitness

By Tim LaHaye & Jerry B. Jenkins
Published by G. P. Putnam’s Sons (a member of Penguin Group USA)
© Copyright 2006
ISBN: 13-978-0-399-15389-1
Pages: 310

Every so often, I have trouble getting through a book and must force myself to keep reading. I initially picked up John’s Story because I wanted to read never-before printed words by Jesus so I could learn more about Him. I am always on the lookout for this but found this book rather dry in that regard. Perhaps I was asking too much, although as the last surviving disciple, I thought John would have many more insights to share.
Instead, The Jesus Chronicles seems to be more about John and how he thought about Christ, as well as John’s travels, persecution, trials, imprisonment, writings and his slow death while sleeping at a ripe old age.
An interesting aspect of John is that he had quite the temper, particularly when others disagreed with his teachings. For instance, when a fellow named Cerinthus who was a Gnostic teacher was found preaching in a public place, John stopped to listen but is was only moments before he spoke out against his teachings and the two got into a heated argument. On another occasion when John found Cerinthus on the street, John was inconsolable.
“’I cannot pull myself away,’ John said, and he moved to stand at the back of the crowd, heart pounding and chest tightening even more. As soon as John positioned himself, Cerinthus noticed him. ‘Is it not John, the last of Jesus’ disciples? Are you beginning to see the light, old man? Seeing the wisdom of youth, of a fresh perspective? Would that you would become a disciple of mine.’
John wanted to shout, ‘Never!’ as rage overtook him again…
John allowed Polycarp to pull him away before he said anything, but it took the entire walk back to the house church before his pulse returned to normal and he stopped panting.”
Yes, there are some interesting parts in this book but most that refers to Jesus can already be found in the Bible. However, the authors stay true to the biblical account and present The Words Of John in their entirety at the back of the book. If this is what you’re looking for, then you can pick up a copy

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