Thursday, July 24, 2008

God's Maniac: The Perfect Double Agent

By Louis Talley
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Louis Talley says he was a spoiled and rebellious child who grew up in a tough neighborhood in Compton, CA. He was such a terror, that he feels he must have been under the influence of an unclean spirit. Later in life, he began struggling with reality - often not knowing the difference between fantasy and real life.

He also developed a strange paranormal ability whereby he seemed to be able to communicate subconsciously with people. Lou says he carried on two-way communications with several members of the KTLA-5 TV Morning News in Los Angeles, as well as some members of the Trinity Broadcasting Network. He had known members of TBN already who believed he was Legion from the Bible due to his unusual behavior, but they later came to believe he was a self-proclaimed apostle or prophet. Then when this two-way communication occurred, they dubbed him the anti-Christ. When TBN suggested during one of their telethons in the beginning of 1994 that he was actually a "Nephilim" or a hybrid carried over from the pre-flood era, being part human and part demon, he told them all to “kiss my ass.”

Devil or angel, one thing is clear. Louis was a man suffering from what life threw at him. While I personally doubt that he was possessed by demons, he certainly had to contend with some horrible memories. After time spent in the army, Sergeant Louis Talley was sent to Vietnam. It was a harrowing and terrifying time for him and at one point Company A 1st Battalion, 22nd Infantry Division was surrounded in its trenches by a massive North Vietnamese battalion. The suffering and death that he saw during this time was enough to send any man over the brink.

God’s Maniac is the true story of a terribly confused man whose mind became overburdened with those memories to the point where he didn’t even know where he was sometimes. At the same time, he suffered from the basic human need to be accepted and loved. By 1993, he felt he was living in the ‘twilight zone,” with very little of real life actually making any sense to him. Over the years, he was in and out of mental institutions trying to keep a grasp on reality.

However, thanks to an early experience in church and learning about Jesus, he turned to God for help with the internal warfare that continued to plague him. He also turned to Pastor Chuck Smith, who went out of his way to help him.

Lou recounts his life with honesty and candor giving the reader great insight into what it’s like to be ‘out of touch’ with the world and the subsequent fear that he felt. He also offers hope to others who may be suffering to turn to God as the ultimate source of deliverance. One cannot help but be touched by his story and come away from it wanting more.

As to whether the two-way communication actually occurred, Lou took a polygraph test with examiner and voice stress analyst, John Grogan and passed with flying colors. As well, Lou says Pastor Raul Reis of Calvary Chapel of Golden Springs and another skeptic pastor turned into believers after interacting with him on a live radio broadcast over KWVW FM. The other pastor stated, "I brought some notes of things I wanted to say here, but a gust of wind just came along and blew them all away."

Lou encourages anyone who still doubts his former abilities to contact Pastor Reis directly by writing to Calvary Chapel Golden Springs, 22324 Golden Springs Drive, Diamond Bar, CA., 91765 or by calling 909-396-1884.

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mac said...

Thanks for writing that review. As an ex New Ager, I've had my fair share of paranormal experiences, though not to Lou's extent. Occult experiences can begin seemingly innocuously but can have dire consequences down the track.

Lou said...

Thanks for correcting the review, I never claimed to be either an apostle or prophet, just those of Trinity Broadcasting Network who claimed to be all of those things yet only proved how unstable they are.