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Author offers hilarious look at a new church in 2027

Book Review: The Future Church – Revelations Revised

By Dick Harrison
© Copyright February 2013
Kindle Edition

The new Conglomerate Church in the year 2027 takes the appeal of the Internet to a brand new level. This church captures believers of various stripes by offering them a ‘quick fix’ for their prayers, not to mention the easiest way possible to unload their confessions.

Since people already know how to pray, all they have to do is fill out their request, drop it into a prayer box at their local church,temple, synagogue, etc. and a speedy answer can come by email, Twitter message, Facebook post or even Linked-In message – whatever a person prefers!

“If they have a computer, they can go straight in – email boldly before the throne,” Harrison writes.

He shows the influence of Marshall McLuhan, a Canadian philosopher and writer that most everyone, including myself, became familiar with in high school. McLuhan wrote such books as The Global Village,in which he predicted that individual newspapers would eventually be replaced by an electronic media that would bring the world closer together, Understanding Media: The Extensions of Man (1964), about the influence of the communications media of the time and The Gutenberg Galaxy: The Making of Typographic Man (1961), which took a serious look at ‘communications technology’ and what its effects might be in the future.

To further fill the coffers, The Conglomerate Church sells a variety of items to its happy parishioners around the world such as it’s popular Three Speed Electric Rosary (to cut penance time in half!) and Confessional Saunas where those health-minded folks can go to cleanse their bodies and their souls!

You will find yourself laughing at every turn of the page in this lighthearted look at what church life could be in the future. You will be in stitches reading about the church’s new appeal to young people with Spray-On-Condoms, their choices for sainthood and the hilarious Augmented Commandments.

Obviously, Harrison put a great deal of thought into developing this book. Add a huge doses of humor throughout and this book becomes an easy read that you’ll want to enjoy more than once!

Harrison is an award winning author, cartoonist and podcaster who has published a variety of works – always maintaining his witty and charming sense of humor.

For more information on The Future Church – Revelations Revised, go HERE and to pick up your own copy at just $2.99, go to HERE

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