Tuesday, October 22, 2013

The Enlightenment Protocols – Book 2 – Conquest

By Sol-Earther Don C. Ciers

Tales of the tribes of the Central Metropolitan

Regions as told by Commoners of Draaken 

Authorized for release by G.W. Morgan,

Commodore, Commonwealth Combined Fleet.

©Copyright March 2012

In this second in a series of tales about the tribes on various planets, the forces of the Alliance Stellar Republics were not content to sit on their laurels when there were still planets to overtake, resources to be had and people to be forced into slavery. They were tired of overrunning unenlightened tribes that had less than able workforces and little mineral wealth that they could exploit for their own benefit.

“We have a serious problem before us Brethren, with the exception of the Alliance of Stellar Republics and some other minor worlds, the tribes we have acquired thus far have no developed trans-planetary resources if they possess any industrial capacity at all!” Prince Borigai Advan Ngeir told the Aglifhate Grand Chamberlains.

He added that only 17 percent of them even had “rudimentary deep void probes, satellite-enabled global communications and close orbital vehicles. Many are atmospheric flight capable, but most of their industries are hybrid carbon fuel based, only ten tribes utilize fission technologies.”

Prince Advan, along with his sister Mistress Indira-Vin, then set their sights on a cluster of five rich, warm worlds in a region called the Nursery Crescent, which already had enlightened tribes - more specifically, the pacifist Shafiran people that included scientists, engineers, artisans, poets and musicians. Their primary export was “bio-medical engineered technology, including surgical and diagnostic equipment. Researchers had also made significant strides in “neurological rehabilitative therapies.”

Best of all, these people had no military infrastructure so taking them over would be a piece of cake. Even so, they planned to do so by calculated cunning, deception and coercion. If they agree to submit to the will of the Alliances god, Pygan, they would promise prosperity and protection from pirates who had been overtaking ships loaded with ore, agricultural goods or other items.

As a lesson to other tribes within the Nursery Crescent, the Alliance planned to also overtake their neighboring Poians. The message: “acquiesce to Pygan’s benevolence or face destruction and slavery.”

When the Poians learned of the death and destruction of the Shafiran people, Benjamin Norris, Chairman of the Poian Peoples Republic stated: “The light of freedom has been snuffed out in the Shafir. I am afraid that unless we act, the light will go out altogether in the Nursery Crescent. Unless we freedom-loving peoples band together to redeem the freedom of the Shafirans, the light may go out for all of us!”

An editorial in the Garrettville Sun-Times of Monrovia on Poia-Vizio noted: “Nowhere in enlightened Man’s collective history can there be found any more callous and barbarous treatment of a sovereign people as the Aglifhate’s theft of the freedom and prosperity of our Shafiran neighbors! What cruel masters! What beasts! What swine to talk of peace and prosperity with a battle-axe behind their backs!”

As a result, the Poians called up their military forces and when the more civilized Commonwealth states got wind of what was happening, they also entered the fray in an attempt to stop the Alliance, which they soon learned had created a new weapon - the Mighty Arrow trans-stellar ballistic missile.
However, the book also includes much more in the way of interpersonal relationships – albeit sometimes by force. The Alliance members in particular see nothing wrong with simply taking the women they wished – since it is Pygon’s will. There is no such thing as equality between the sexes and women are seen as being at their disposal.

During a celebratory party before their conquest, Prince Advan and others discussed a rising tide of dissension among women.

“For the first time Commandant, certain Clan Mistresses are openly criticizing the Patriarchy!” said Squire Baron Lourey of the Mandan, the 9th Clan. “Normally, their dominant role in maintaining the home and family is beyond question. But now the noble women are demanding an end to the laws of submission and at least the same rights, privileges and protections they see women enjoying in the ethnically inferior tribes we, rather you have conquered.”

Be aware that there is some foul language in this book. Other than that, there is plenty of stellar fighting and action that any sci-fi fan would love. And judging by the final chapter, much more action will come in The Enlightenment Protocols series.

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