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Alien abduction threatens to shatter family’s life

Once Upon A Missing Time

By Philip Mantle

©2013, Create Space

ISBN--10: 1491026596

ISBN-13: 978-1491026595

Pages: 238

Alan and Pamela Morrison, along with their daughter, 13-year-old Wendy, live in the quiet village of East Yardsley in North Yorkshire, England. Their lives were busier than most in this primarily sheep raising hamlet. Alan taught at the local high school while Pamela was a social worker – a couple who did not need anything new to upset their already stressed lives.

However, it seems fate had other plans. Driving home one night from Pamela’s parent’s residence, they encounter a strange green mist. At the same time, young Wendy spots a shooting star. Thinking little of it, they continue on their way but quickly realize that it took them four hours to make a half hour trip.

This incident threatens to turn the family’s life upside down with frightening nightly dreams about aliens and UFOs. On one of Alan’s nightmares the author writes, “Indistinct faces stared down at him as he lay helpless and he could almost smell his own fear. One being reached a spindly hand out to him and covered his face.”

As is usual for anyone that experiences alien abduction, this family finds it hard to believe that events unfolded as they did. Were their experiences based in reality or just bad dreams? While dealing with extreme shock over their experiences, they are also forced to face humiliation even from those they love.

Once Upon A Missing Time is a novel based on a true story that will capture your attention from the beginning. Since it addresses a subject that is still controversial to most people, all information that could identify those involved has been changed. However, author Philip Mantle wrote this book with great sensitivity toward the primary characters. He successfully relates how this terrifying experience impacted each of them mentally, emotionally and physically.

Mantle is a respected British UFO researcher who has lectured on the subject of UFOs around the world. He is also a former British UFO Research Association director of investigations and former representative for the Mutual UFO Network in England. He is currently editor of UFO Today (

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