Sunday, June 6, 2010

Book Review: After Life - Answers From The Other Side

Author: John Edward
Published by HayHouse
© 2003
ISBN: 1-932128-07-7

Internationally known psychic medium, John Edward, provides countless insights into the other side in this fourth book published in 2003. I have already read Crossing Over: The Stories Behind the Stories and One Last Time: A Psychic Medium Speaks to Those We’ve Loved and Lost, so the process he uses when giving readings are well known to me. I have also seen him many times on his former television show, Crossing Over.

In this book, Edward reflects on his 20-year career as a psychic medium and presents readings that stand out most in his memory. Some are quite comical as spirits of the deceased vie for his attention during public events – each one trying to get and keep his focus over the others. The end result is often quite humorous as both Edwards and those he’s reading try to keep up with their demands.

Then there are the more serious readings where folks receive much-needed insights into both their deceased loved ones and the after life in general. There are also a couple of instances where Crossing Over staff unexpectedly have deceased relatives showing up during public readings to get their two cents in.

I really enjoyed this book perhaps more so than Edward’s other efforts because he reveals some things about himself in a more personal and intimate way. For instance, I learned for the first time that he did not get along with his father, who was also a heavy drinker and showed little affection toward Edward when he was alive. Yet after his death, Edward finds a way to forgive this man, whom he is sure came to realize the error of his ways once he crossed over to the other side.

“I believe that now, every day, I move forward and will develop a better relationship with my father – maybe not with the same man who was here on Earth but instead, with the energy that was inside that man, that still exists,” Edward wrote.

Overall, this book lets you know that death is not the end and encourages folks to carry on their relationships – good or bad – to continue to work on them and/or foster them after a loved one is no longer physically present.

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