Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Broken Life

A Fight for Forever Book 1

By Vangie Williams
Me Really Publishing, Inc.
Copyright © 2009 (Second Printing)
ISBN: 978-1-60855-3
340 Pages

This book takes the reader on a journey across 1800’s America, which was fraught with lawlessness and bigotry. The story follows the beautiful and intelligent Marguerite, a young woman of both French and African blood, who upon reaching the shores of America falls madly in love with wealthy landowner, Thomas Burnett.

They quickly marry and travel by coach across several states, while Thomas, who was born in Scotland, takes care of business. Along the way, they are both stunned to learn of the nasty way landowners deal with their slaves – beating, raping and sometimes even killing them. The softhearted Thomas buys as many of them as he can in the hopes of taking them to freedom in his homeland.

Meanwhile, Marguerite endures a difficult journey as she is with child. There is grave concern over her welfare because of an African curse that followed her maternal ancestors for 12 generations – a curse that was too horrible to imagine and one that no one wanted to believe.
Author Vangie Williams has developed her characters well and we quickly come to care for them as if they, indeed, were family. The plot is also well thought out and the story is written with great care when dealing with delicate subjects.

Overall, this book is a great read, especially if you are interested in understanding life and how people thought during America’s early days. And as noted in the title, this book is called ‘Book 1,’ so it can be assumed that the story of this unrelenting curse is not yet over.

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Dawn Colclasure said...

Great review, Martha! And I know what you mean about those kinds of mistakes. They can be very irritating. If a book is cluttered with these kinds of mistakes, then it can really put a damper on a reader's ability to enjoy a book.

Take care. :)