Wednesday, September 9, 2009

No Justice

By Darcia Helle
Published by Quiet Fury Books
Copyright © 2008
ISBN: 978-1442195332
Pages: 229

I love it when a book begins with an intriguing first line – one that immediately captures my attention and draws me in through the need to know more. No Justice does that. I instantly wanted to sit for the rest of the day just reading it.

This book tells the tale of a man who lost his loved one to murder and the criminal was never brought to justice – hence the name. What do you do when the justice system fails you? Do you take matters into your own hands or hope that an all-knowing and loving God would eventually be meted out that justice? Michael Sykora chose the former.

Author Darcia Helle has written a riveting story, albeit somewhat predictable. As the reader follows Michael on his quest of fury and murder, I found myself turning each page faster than the last to find out what happened. It will certainly keep you rapt from beginning to end.

And speaking of the end, I somehow felt that there was more that should have followed – some explanations – some climax to it all. Was there still no justice? I guess not. Did they live happily ever after? Perhaps I was to assume so. Fortunately, Darcia Helle is already planning a sequel to this book!

It’s a great read if murder and suspense are part of your reading ‘cup of tea.’ I must say that I did enjoy it. To get your copy, go to

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