Sunday, August 23, 2009

Ghosts Among Us

True Stories of Spirit Encounters

By Leslie Rule
Published by Andrews McMeel Publishing
© 2004
ISBN: 0-7407-4717-7
222 Pages

Author Leslie Rule presents a variety of ghost tales that begin in her own city of Seattle, Washington and the moves to various cities and sites where those long passed from this life still seem to roam.
Her work is an interesting collection of stories and pictures that cover such topics as haunted amusement parks, cemeteries, restaurants and inns, as well as animal spirits, roadside ghosts and more. I love anything paranormal and am always hoping to learn something new. It seems though, that Leslie Rule and me have much in common not only by what we write about, but also how we write it.
There is an intriguing story about Little Joe, one of many cats once cared for by Anita Morris of Portland, Oregon. Worried about the millions of feral cats in America, Anita provided food and shelter for some of these stray cats in her own neighborhood. Little Joe was a fluffy white and gray kitten but sadly, was hit by a car and killed. Anita wished she had taken a picture of him, but decided that at least she could take one of the remaining cats. To her surprise, Little Joe appeared in one of the photos she took. Though he was see through, she knew the adorable kitten had returned to get his picture taken with the rest of the brood. That picture is in the book.
If you would like to learn more about the paranormal and in particular, the spirits of the deceased, you can get a copy of Ghosts Among Us

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