Friday, May 30, 2008

Spirit Returns to aid Sister Investigating Parents' Murder

By Margaret Guthrie

Published by The Wessex Collective
(2006) ISBN 978-0-9766274-7-0

When a loved one passes over, the grief is always difficult to deal with and even more so, if the people you love die a violent and unexpected death. Such was the case for Lydia and her sister Margie, whose parents were brutally murdered in the school gymnasium next to their New Hope home.

In that moment during their childhood Lydia referred to as ‘That Night,’ the rage of one man caused the two girls to instantly become orphans shuffled off to stay with their grandparents. Meanwhile, the townsfolk were left to deal with the anger, fear and guilt over a double murder that never should have happened.

For many years, Lydia and Margie’s former home remained vacant or was rented out to strangers. But they knew something was afoot in New Haven when word spread that the community wanted to demolish both the school and the house as final attempt to do away with their horrible memories.

Lydia, who taught yoga and studies esoteric subjects at a place she lovingly referred to as The Ranch, joined her sister in the small town to determine not only what to do with their former home, but also to get to the truth of what happened ‘That Night.’ Adding to her angst, Lydia was receiving visitations from their mother, who simply wanted to know ‘why’ her life had been taken so unexpectedly.

Author Margaret Guthrie presents a story of anger and murder, forgiveness and love as the story unfolds over its 174 pages. The author provides enough detail on characters and scenic descriptions to allow the reader to follow along and actually feel like a silent participant as the mystery unravels. Lydia not only learns the truth about her parents’ deaths, but also revelations on the true meaning of ‘truth’ itself.

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